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Funeral Professionals

In one of three ways Omega Planning Resources is affiliated with more than 25 independent funeral homes across South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

Here is what we do:

1. We provide a trained preneed - aftercare professional who will represent your funeral home to your community to your professional standards. This professional will be trained to present the seminar as well as do all the advance promotion and follow-up after the seminar. There will be no expense to your business, your funeral home will benefit both in public relations and the preneed as well as "at need" services for your families.

2. Omega will provide a professionally trained speaker to come to you on your schedule to share the seminar. He/she will share the promotion and follow-up schedule with the funeral home professional.

3. For a fee, Omega provides a professionally trained speaker and all promotion, scheduling and follow-up is done by the local funeral home.

Call Julian Ward at 912-536-6471 or Len Strozier  at 478-747-3747 to get details or a current list of our affiliate funeral homes.